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Blond Absolu Cicaextreme Bleached Blonde Hair Care

Blond Absolu Cicaextreme
Bleached Blonde Hair Care

Everything you need to know about caring for bleached hair
with Cicaextreme—the next level of Blond Absolu.

We’ve said it a million times, going blonde is a
high-maintenance undertaking. Yet blondes around
the world tell us it’s worth it. Going blonde is
totally exhilarating, and you can’t get that feeling
without some measure of risk.

A Transformative Shampoo
New Le Bain Cicaextreme

Our 1st Ultra-moisturizing Shampoo For Bleached Hair

Kerastase Blond Absolu Le Bain Cicaextreme Shampoo for Bleached Hair

Le Bain Cicaextreme Shampoo-in-Cream is a rich, transformative shampoo-in-cream that eliminates the blonde care dilemma of cleansing vs. drying. Inspired by the most luxurious skincare products, it is an entirely new sensual experience for post-bleach hair, with powerful ingredients like the hyaluronic acid duo and edelweiss-in-oil. It looks and feels like a rich day cream for the skin, but when it goes on the hair, it produces the most luxurious lather. It rinses clean and soft, a uniquely nourishing shampoo good for everyday cleansing, or just once or twice a week.


A Restorative Hair Mask
New Masque Cicaextreme

Intense Conditioning Hair Mask For Bleached Hair

Kerastase Blond Absolu Cicaextreme Hair Mask for Bleached Hair

Deep conditioning treatment is an absolute must for post-bleach care. When our most demanding blondes asked for an even more powerful hair mask, we answered with Masque Cicaextreme. This deep nourishing treatment takes post-bleaching procedure care to the extreme, providing indulgent care. With our concentrated hyaluronic acid duo and edelweiss-in-oil, the luxurious mask reduces breakage and keeps blonde hair strong and shiny. It's a great daily indulgence for the blonde obsessed and a great weekend treat for anyone who needs extra care.


An Intense Strengthening Hair Oil
New Huile Cicaextreme

Intense Blonde Hair Strengthening Hair Oil Concentrate

Kerastase Blond Absolu Cicaextreme Hair Oil for Bleached Hair

Post-bleaching, it isn't enough to simply shampoo and condition the hair. Bleach-weakened hair needs nourishment throughout the day as well. Huile Cicaextreme is instant, extreme blonde care in a precious concentrated hair oil. Our signature glass bottle holds the key to total post-bleach recovery. Apply on wet or dry hair, Huile Cicaextreme strengthens the hair and adds shine.


Kerastase Blond Absolu Cicaextreme Hair Care for Bleached Hair
Kerastase Blond Absolu Cicaextreme Hair Care for Bleached Hair

Post-bleach care is absolutely crucial. Going blonde is not something to be taken lightly. It, quite literally, changes your hair. Bleaching actually strips the pigment out of your hair—which is how you get that bright, light look you want. The upshot is the process can seriously weaken and sensitize your strands. Without careful pampering, bleached hair is prone to dryness, damage, breakage and just generally will not look good.

And we can’t have that, can we? Here’s what you need to keep your hair on point in the crucial days after bleaching.

Kerastase Blond Absolu Cicaextreme Hair Care for Extreme Blonde Hair

Extreme Blonde Hair

A regimen for the most serious blonde hair care

Subtle is not the vibe for this extreme blonde. She desires to go all the way, every time. But with all that bleaching, her hair can become extremely dry and prone to breakage and she needs the right products to help care for her hair.

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Naturally Dark Blonde Hair

A regimen to lighten hair

Bright blonde is a striking change for a brunette. With the right care, the results can be amazing and their desire to finally be the ultimate blonde will be fulfilled.

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Kerastase Blond Absolu Cicaextreme Hair Care for Naturally Dark Blonde Hair

Kerastase Blond Absolu Cicaextreme Hair Care for Textured Blonde Hair

Textured Blonde Hair

Curly hair tends to be more dry and sensitive than straight hair. Going blonde can make it fragile and prone to breakage, but with the proper care the hair can be beautifully blonde.

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Except that you can. It’s why we created our blockbuster blond care range, Blond Absolu, so you can dare to go blonde and have the high-quality hair care you need after that exciting salon visit.

Blond Absolu Routine

Whatever Your Blonde: You Dare, We Care. Blond Absolu provides instant
fiber care and immediate anti-brass action to achieve ideal blonding.
Blond Absolu maintains and perfects cool tones through deep ultra-violet neutralizers,
hydrates and fortifies the hair fiber, and illuminates
hair from within. Discover the blonde care regimen designed for your
highlighted, lightened, or bleached blonde hair.

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